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Your Job as an Influencer is Complex. Work With Accountants Who Understand.

The accounting industry wasn’t built to support outside-of-the-box thinking, non-traditional business models, such as influencers and content creators. There are many financial nuances, tax strategies, and revenue streams for growth that should be taken advantage of in order to grow your business to the level that you envision it to be. Here at ZenStrategies, we help influencers understand their financial numbers, be strategic with their taxes and profits, and reach their personal and professional goals sooner than they realized.

Our Accountants for Influencers Can Help:

Stabilize Your Cash Flow

As an influencer you likely have fluctuating income - meaning varying amounts of money and gifts are coming through the door each month. We help you plan ahead to ensure you're never stuck worrying about cash in the middle of a bad month.

Structure Your Business Effectively

Did you know that the way you structure your business can have a huge impact on how much you pay in taxes each year? Depending on your unique situation, we restructure your business - i.e. a Sole Proprietor, LLC, S-Corporation, or C-Corp - to put tens of thousands of dollars back in your pocket each year.

Take Advantage of Lucrative Tax Breaks

Between flights, travel, food, and gifts, there are unique avenues you can take in order to maximize your tax deductions and claim lucrative tax credits year-on-year that can save you tens of thousands of dollars from Uncle Sam each year.

Manage Ongoing Expenses & Bookkeeping

With varying types of revenue streams, gifts, and ongoing expenses, it can seem almost impossible to keep all of your bank reconciliations, receipts, and invoices straight. At ZenStrategies, we take care of it all to give you peace of mind that your accounting is always accurate, up-to-date, and ready for the IRS.

accountant for influencers

Work With Advisors Who Know Influencer Accounting

If your accountant is stuck in the 90s with their software and advice, they aren’t going to move you forward or proactively help you grow. At ZenStrategies, we’re well-versed in influencer businesses, and use outside-the-box thinking to identify profitable revenue streams and cut any white noise that may be holding you back.​

Make Smarter Decisions About Your Financial Future

At ZenStrategies, we care about our client’s long-term personal success just as much as we do their businesses. That’s why we help you manage your finances – both personally and professionally – to ensure that you’re maximizing your retirement accounts, saving an adequate amount for the future, able to take paid time off, and more. 

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“Beth and her team are not only exceptional professionals in the field, they are responsive, engaging, available advocates for me both personally and with my business. The advice and service I get is sound and trustworthy. And the friendliness, kindness, and laughs we’ve shared are the cheery on top. Highly recommend!”

2 Months Ago


“I was referred To Beth and the team by a friend and could not be any happier with the experience I’ve had so far! 3 years of worry free tax preparations! I’ve always disliked tax season but Beth and her team have made it very easy for me. I will be using them for years to come!”

4 Months Ago


We trust Beth and her team with both our personal and tax needs. The results have been nothing short of amazing and I highly recommend her to anyone.

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