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Whatever you thought a business advisor did… we do more. 

ZenStrategies has proven itself in all areas of personal and business income and taxation. They have developed an easy approach so that I can focus on the business without being overly concerned with the endless amount of reports, filing and compliance issues. I recommend ZenStrategies unequivocally to any small business in need of dependable and accurate accounting and consulting services. 

Nick Pacitti

ZenStrategies Client

Your Revenue

As business owners, we all set goals for how much we want to make in 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years down the track. At least, we should!

As your dedicated financial team of experts, it’s our job to help you set and reach your revenue goals. Do you have a plan to exit in 5 years? Do you want to pay yourself 100% more next year? We’ll analyze your current financial position and put the KPIs in place to help you get to where you want to be.

Your Business Operations

Running a business comes with a lot of moving parts. Do you have the right workflows in place? Are you paying your suppliers in line with the competition? How many sales do you need to hit a month to reach your yearly goal?

While we can’t run your business for you, we’ve worked with enough businesses to know the things you should look out for, and which systems to put in place. In a nutshell, we’ll help you determine what’s working and what’s not.

Your Spending

Increasing revenue is only part of the problem. At ZenStrategies, we help you get clear on what exactly happens to the money when it comes in.

Are you losing money with your tax strategy? Is your cash flow too low to scale? Are your labor costs too high? Are you spending thousands on miscellaneous items each month? Together, we’ll ensure you’re making (and keeping) the most amount of money you can each month.

Your Monthly Accounting

It’s hard to make informed business decisions when you don’t have a clear picture of the numbers behind your business. 

Our team will make sure your bookkeeping, payroll, tax planning, and other accounting tasks are done accurately and on time each month so you know exactly where your business sits financially at all time. 

Your Mentor

As a business owner, do you wish you just had one reliable person to bounce ideas off of when a tough financial decision comes up? 

At ZenStrategies, our inbox and phone lines are always open. We’re here to help you make the tough decisions in your business with data, facts, and compassion. We’re on this journey with you.  

with more than 20 years of local knowledge

Curious how to start? We’ll have a quick Zoom chat to see where your business sits, where your problem areas are, and how we can help. From there, we’ll give you a proposal with our recommended services to choose from. It’s that easy!

Our fees typically start at $600/month, depending on the level of work we do for you.

How We Work

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